Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language from Apple for developing applications for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It was introduced in 2014 and is considered a successor to Objective-C, but is safer, faster, and more modern.

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What is Swift used for?

Mobile application development

Swift is the main language for creating applications on iOS.

Desktop application development

Swift is also used for creating software for macOS.

Development of applications for watches and TVs

Applications for watchOS and tvOS are created using Swift.

Server development

Recently, Swift has also been used for server development.

When should and shouldn't you use Swift?

New projects on the Apple platform

Swift provides access to the latest APIs and is the language of the future for the Apple ecosystem.

Performance requirements

Swift is faster than many other programming languages.

When security is a priority

Swift has many features aimed at reducing errors and improving code stability.

For integration with existing Objective-C code

Swift works great together with Objective-C in one project.

Multi-platform projects

If you need to develop for Android and other platforms at the same time, it may be better to use other tools.

If your team is not familiar with Swift

Transitioning to a new language requires time for learning.

Our Experience with Swift

We actively use Swift in many projects. Here are some examples:

Mobile Applications

We used Swift to create dynamic and high-performance applications for our clients in various industries.

Integration with Devices

We used Swift for developing applications that interact with smartwatches, televisions, and other devices.

Custom Solutions

Using Swift, we created unique solutions for specific tasks of our clients, whether it be database management systems, drawing applications or anything else.

We are proud of our experience in Swift development and are ready to help you implement your next project!

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