TimescaleDB is a scalable SQL database management system, specifically optimized for time series. This database combines the benefits of traditional relational databases and time series databases, providing high performance and flexibility when working with data that changes over time.

Available Specialists


TimescaleDB is used in various fields, including but not limited to:

IoT and Telemetry

For analyzing and storing large volumes of data from sensors and devices.

Financial Analysis

As a tool for analyzing financial markets and trading strategies.

Network and System Monitoring

For analyzing log data and performance metrics.

Scientific Research

As a tool for analyzing large sets of time series data.

Architecture and Technical Features

Basic Architecture

The architecture of TimescaleDB is based on a hybrid database management approach, allowing the combination of the best features of relational and NoSQL databases.

Hybrid Database Management System

TimescaleDB is a hybrid database that combines the advantages of SQL and NoSQL systems, providing flexibility and performance when working with large data.

Data Storage and Indexing

Data in TimescaleDB is stored in specialized structures optimized for time series processing, ensuring high data reading and writing speeds.

Procedural Programming Support

TimescaleDB supports procedural programming, allowing for the creation of complex functions and triggers for automation and process optimization.

Key Features and Advantages


TimescaleDB is capable of efficiently scaling, handling billions of records while maintaining high query performance. This is achieved thanks to the smart data partitioning scheme.


Optimized data storage and indexing algorithms allow TimescaleDB to process queries much faster than traditional relational databases, especially when working with large volumes of time-series data.

Reliability and Security

TimescaleDB offers reliable mechanisms to ensure data security, including transaction support, backup and restoration, as well as various access levels.

SQL Compatibility

With SQL compatibility, TimescaleDB allows easy integration with existing tools and applications, while offering advanced features for working with time series.

TimescaleDB is a flexible tool for working with time series data. With its help, you can efficiently analyze large volumes of data while maintaining high performance and reliability. If you need a scalable, reliable, and high-performance tool for working with time series that is also SQL compatible, then TimescaleDB can be a great choice for your project.

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