23 Oct

Effective and reliable system for QA engineers WMS54

qa processes

WMS54 QA is a system for QA engineers, which allows you to increase the efficiency of QA processes by significantly increasing productivity.

23 Oct

Workflow Management System54 for managing business processes and personnel

management of business processes

Workflow Management System54 is a new generation PM system with wide functionality for implementing a full cycle of product release to the market and the ability to manage the main workflows, as well as the tasks of an individual employee.

20 Oct

Эффективная и надежная система для QA-инженеров WMS54

qa процессы

WMS54 QA - система для QA инженеров, которая позволяет повысить эффективность QA процессов существенно увеличивая производительность.

20 Oct

Workflow Management System54 для управления бизнес процессами и персоналом

управление бизнес-процессами

Workflow Management System54 - PM система нового поколения с широким функционалом для реализации полного цикла выпуска продукта на рынок и возможностью управления основными рабочими потоками, а также задачами отдельного сотрудника.

09 Oct

Practical application of Computations54 for calculating exchange strategies

calculating exchange strategies

Best alternative to Quantopian. Based on Computations54, Finance.Computations54 solution was developed specifically for exchange calculations, which is used for financial analysis of investments, creation and verification of exchange strategies, risk assessment and the effectiveness of strategies.